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S.W.A.T. Officer - Commander


Lieutenant Wahyu


Tama Riyadi; Mad Dog
Series Information


Deceased (neck-snapped by Mad Dog)

First appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Latest appearance:

The Raid: Berandal (cameo)

Portrayed By:

Joe Taslim

Sergeant Jaka is the secondary protagonist of The Raid: Redemption and also appears as a cameo in The Raid 2: Berandal. He commands the SWAT Team in the titular raid on a notorius Jakartan narcotic gangster, Tama Riyadi. Jaka was killed by Mad Dog, Tama's sidekick after the latter snaps the former's neck when the two fought on the apartement.

The Raid: RedemptionEdit

Jaka's first appearance on the film is when he was seen giving command to the SWAT force about their raid to an abandoned building controlled by Tama Riyadi the criminal lord along with his sidekick Andi and Mad Dog. When Rama and Sergeant Bowo argued he cut them off by telling them that this mission is not a simulation and they are facing with fully trained people who is ready to fight anytime. The driver then told them they only have 30 seconds left before they arrived, he then told his force to re-check the equipment and get ready. When they arrived, Jaka gave a rifle to Lieutenant Wahyu and he asked him why Jaka bring a rookie in the force and Wahyu clearly not happy about that. Jaka said he will put them in the back of the line and Wahyu make it clear to put them really behind the line. When the raid began, Jaka split the force into 2 groups and he chose to enter via main door, he told one of the agent to pin down a guard and kill him, when he done that, they quickly run to the main door and found a man trying to get inside the building.

The Raid 2: BerandalEdit

In the second film, an Officer briefly holding a paper that have Jaka's picture on it.


His actor, Joe Taslim, is a skilled fighter famous for winning