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S.W.A.T., Jakarta Police


Lieutenant Wahyu; (Sergeant Jaka)


Tama Riyadi
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Deactivated, Mostly deceased

First appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Last appearance:

The Raid: Redemption


The S.W.A.T.-Squad appearing in the beginning of The Raid: Redemption is heavily armed but also mainly consisting of rookies. While the 20-man Squad advances it gets more and more clear, that their mission is not official or approved by their headquarter. It turns out that Wahyu tries to use the squad to kill off the gangster boss Tama Riyadi, because of his knowledge about Wayhu's criminal past. In further consequence the HQ does not know their location and there is no way to get reinforcements.
The raid squad outside

The S.W.A.T.-Squad making the last arrangements before the raid starts.

After successfully entering the building complex held by Tama undetected, the Squad takes out quite a few henchmen - not killing but arresting them. Unfortunately the Team encounters a little kid in one of the floors of the building. Although Sergeant Jaka tries to calm it, the kid aims to alert the rest of the gangsters. Before he can do so, he is killed by Lieutenant Wahyu. Nevertheless, the Alarm gets set and Tama starts rushing his criminals against the police forces. Chaos beginns and in the further course the squad increasingly gets decimated by the inhabitants, who use sneaky traps, snipers and their pure majority to eventually kill of the most of the squad members. The already arrested gang members mostly manage to get rid of their handcuffs and taking part in the fightings again. Even the Drivers of the Police-Truck in front of the complex gets eliminated by a few gangsters. Soon only Rama, Wahyu, Jaka, Bowo and Dagu are left and try to survive the raid.
The raid squad

The Squad lead by Jaka is seen in the hallway just before they are going to encounter the kid, which is going to trigger the alarm.

To safe at least Wahyu and Dagu, Jaka gets left behind forced to fight Mad Dog, who kills him. Wahyu and Dagu manage to fight their way through to Tama. Just before Wahyu, who is the only squad member left with a firing weapon, arrests Tama, he surprisingly betrays Dagu and kills him. Bowo got seriously injured in the fightings and has to depend on Rama to safe his life. Eventually Rama can get Bowo to relative safety in one of the appartements, he encounters his brother Andi. After a very tight fight with Mad Dog Andi and Rama try to capture Wahyu. The Lieutenant on his part kills Tama out of sheer desperation over his hopeless situation, as he realizes after a short dialogue with Tama that his past in the criminal underground caught up with him and that the street gangs are going to try to kill him. Wahyu's own suicide immediately afterwards is only prevented by the gun, which is already empty. Shortly after Rama and Andi track Wahyu down in the stairwell to arrest him.

In the end of the movie, Rama, the arrested Wahyu and a limping Bowo can be seen leaving the terrain, accompanied by Andi. After a short discussion Andi tells Rama, that he won't go with them.


The Squad Members use very modern fire weapons. The most of them are equpied with silenced HK416 Assault weapons and Glock 17 pistols. A few members use shotguns and are carrying axes, also using them as weapons. Furthermore they use police truncheons and knifes, Rama can even be seen using a grenade to let an propane tank explode.


Jaka using a Glock 17.



Sergeant Bowo using a HK416.


Known MembersEdit

Leader: Lieutenant Wahyu, Sergeant Jaka Other more important officers: Sergeant Bowo, Rama Other members: Alee, Dagu.