I dont think anybody here is still alive, but just for the start I want to suggest a basic structure for the rules. 

Welcome to the The Raid-Wiki!

Welcome! Please before contributing ot the page, make sure you read and understand these rules. Afterwards - have fun reading, learing and spreading your own knowledge about The Raid!

General Rules

§1. With the first contribution to this wiki in any way, you ensure compliance with the following rules. Ignorance does not protect one from punishment.

§1.2. Contributions with the following contents are not allowed, if they are not necessarily important for the presentation of the events of the movies.

  • Pornography
  • Rasicsm
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • disrespect for human dignity
  • Display of Abuse 
  • Any other form of content, which could deemed offensive

§1.3. You are not allowed to spread any kind of advertisement. With exception of the necessarily contents to complete the wiki.

§1.4. You should alway behave yourself friendly and respectful. If you are in conflict with another member of the community, try to solve it like adult human beings and without insults and aggressive behaviour.

§1.5. You are alway welcome to change and critizise published articles. Nethertheless you should do it with respect and you should not purposely try to distort any kind of content.

§1.6. Spamming, Trolling, Vandalism and similar acts are forbidden. You are not allowed to recreate already deleted content.

§1.7. Your profile pictures and names should not contain any form of offensive content. 

§1.8. You should always obey instructions made by the administration of this wiki. If you think the administration is abusing its power or are behaving unfair towards you, you should contact either way another admin, bureaucrat or the staff of the wikia.

§1.9. The administration is allowed to issue warnings before it is eventually allowed to ban your account, if you do not follow these warnings. In certain cases the administration is allowed to bypass warning, e.g. to get rid of obvious trolls, spammers, etc.

§1.10. You should try to use appropriate english language in this wiki.

Your Account

§2. Please do not use any kind of multiple accounts. If it is really necessary (e.g. if you and another person with your IP (e.g. your siblings, etc.) both use this wikia) you should inform the administration, so there will not be any missunderstanding.

§2.1. You are not allowed to change the profile pages of other users. The administration is only allowed to do so, if the content of a profile page is in any way rule breaking.

§2.2. You should not only contribute useless stuff to the wiki to get any "achievements".

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